Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter in two parts - Part 1, up and down the mountain

Easter was spent in the Blue Mountains, in Blackheath where Tony's parents have a home. It was a full house that weekend, with Tony's brother and sister-in-law joining us. Many hot cross buns and Easter chocolates were eaten.

On most days we went for a little drive and then a walk, exploring some of the mountain towns. Leura was my favourite.

On Saturday I was up super early to catch the train to Sydney to visit a friend and her new baby. It was goosebump weather when I left and I saw lots of intriguing and hilarious things from the train on the way there and back.

I passed two green swimming pools in Wentworthville, witnessed a couple change seats three times (always instigated by the man) and as we got closer to the city, I spied a small boy in tan pants and green sunnies who raced our train by running along his platform in Newtown. We won. On the way home three different Pikachus boarded my carriage, on their way home from the Royal Easter Show. I spent the last hour of my trip back up the mountain trying to snap a photo of one of the Pikachus who was sitting in front of me, who was restless and difficult to photograph. From my seat on the second tier of the train carriage, I saw a panel van being pulled over by the cops as the sun went down, cows grazing on a soccer field in Sydney's west and a the top bunk being made up in a flat above a shop in Katoomba.

My 12 hours in Sydney was great. I had brunch with my friend, cuddled her baby, went to a zine fair, bought a book I've been hunting for a little while, picked up a special book Tony had on order at the art gallery.  There was even time for a little Japanese lunch and a last minute dash to Gelato Messina, where I deviated from my usual favourite flavours (coconut and lychee or anything with chocolate/caramel/peanut butter in it) and tried the Apple Pie, which featured giant chunks of pie crust in the gelato! It was dark by the time I made it back to Blackheath and cold once more.

Morning reading nook on Easter Sunday with city souvenirs. I bought the Seinfeld zine for Tony.

We took turns making dinner. On Saturday Tony's brother made a giant beef wellington in the shape of an Easter bun! He cut it before I could take a photo but it was delicious and packed with mushrooms. I made the trimmings for the Sunday lamb roast, garlic kale and lemon soaked potatoes. My apple crumble very nearly didn't work but it was nothing some fancy ice cream couldn't save.

And then on Monday we killed time walking the back streets of Leura, waiting for my little niece to arrive (and her parents of course). It was a perfect day for walking (nice weather and still full bellies from the night before) and the sights were beautiful and strange.

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