Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stories from home

A shot from the weekend, before all of the citrus disappeared (well the lemons and limes anyway). Who knew Winter could be so colourful?

My brother and his wife brought some excellent stories from Sydney on their recent trip, silly stories and family stories, including an account of their recent outing to a big family dinner where the group ordered a 2 metre pizza. I wanted to know more and they showed me panoramic photographs snapped on a phone to satisfy my curiosity. The pizzas came served on custom made boards with handles at both ends, they said, and every time one left the kitchen, resting on the shoulders of two male staff members, it was announced. "Two metre pizza!"

I laughed and felt like I had been there. Before the dinner, they'd been to a book launch and reading that included some stories from our aunt. One of the writers read a story her obsession with Singaporean mud crab, which she'd consumed all over Sydney and overseas, and it was a story that hinted at an obsessive yet sometimes invisible illness.

Their stories made me feel a little homesick. They may have been stories about pizzas and crabs but they were exactly the kind of stories that I wanted to hear - funny, unusual and silly stories from home.

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