Monday, July 21, 2014

The adventures of Neil

On Sunday night, I snapped this silly photo of Neil - a pom pom with eyes - out on the town and sent it to my sister, who'd given me the pom pom creature earlier that day. After a jam packed day of hanging out with friends and family, we snuck over the Spit bridge to Manly, to check out Papi Chulo.

It was probably a bit bold to book dinner at a BBQ joint immediately after attending a baby shower BBQ but we were determined. We shared a spicy fish burger (by the sea!), some smokey lamb ribs which were deliciously sticky, and at the recommendation of Lee Tran Lam, we ordered the roast cauliflower with mounds of parmesan and a tangy red sauce.

But we're getting off topic, back to Neil. I spied the pom pom creature sitting on a bookshelf at my sister's place, and after admiring it multiple times, Carla decided I should take it home. She'd made and named Neil while she was babysitting for a friend, and attempting some craft with her two young charges.

We were over for a scone breakfast (mini scones!), and to play with niece who is growing up so quickly.

Aunty Nya Nya's phone case is surprise hit with this one.

Here's Neil getting his caffeine hit before we headed home. Two photos makes a series, right? And soon I was looking for new locations to snap a photo of Neil so I could send my sister a running photo diary. 

I recently order Lee Tran Lam's Sydney food zine and kept it in my bag for our weekend visit. It was so handy - it's arranged in suburbs so after we decided to make an impromptu visit to Surry Hills to look at stationary and CDs, I found us a cafe for breakfast. Here's my delicious shroom bun from Cowbell808, it was so good!

I texted my Carla this pic from Sutton Forest, our designated driver change over spot. No cheeseburgers or fries were eaten (here's why).

And then a lunch stop, some pretty views before we finally made it home. That marked the end of my silly day-and-a-half Amelie inspired project.

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