Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hello from tuesday! this week I've found some super cute things at an op shop, swapped a wheel of brie for the loan of a sleeping bag and mat, swapped clothes with strangers, eaten lots of sweet cherries and greedily consumed the archives of this lovely blog.

I've also had my first frosty fruit of the season, feels like summer already.

for the rest of the week, I hope to:
* eat my lunch outside and pack extra yummy lunches
* keep a book in my bag at all times (how did I get out of this habit?)
* do a tiny bit of craft
* keep exercising
* start baking again

this weekend I'm heading to the hunter to spend the weekend with some of my lovely colleagues. we work remotely so I've only met half of them, I think we're in for an interesting weekend. and then on sunday night, I'm going to be celebrating my little brother's 16th birthday with my family.

I found these photos the other week, taken in my old suburb in sydney. I used to walk by 'the cake' house everyday. sometimes I miss it.

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