Tuesday, November 20, 2012

some photos from sunday. I spent a night at my parent's house on my way home from the hunter. each time I go to visit it's subtly different to how I remember it. it's cool and quiet at their home, there's always loaves of fresh bread and fruit and different kinds of small cakes and cookies to snack on.

when I lived there I always yearned to be closer to the city, particularly in my uni days. the long bus and train trips into town tired me but now, living so far away, I have a new appreciation for the place I grew up.  there's a peaceful quietness to the streets, even though the houses have been built up and the streets are now lined with cars.

I stay in the granny flat and as I walked up to the kitchen I noticed that flowers have grown over the roof of my childhood cubby house. I notice that the green paint of the house and the deck has faded slightly too, making all of the gorgeous colours of the flowers and plants pop out.

I'm looking forward to being back for christmas.

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