Sunday, December 30, 2012

hello! I'm home in wagga wagga again, I had the best holiday and was quite sad to leave my family in sydney. but as soon as we drove back into town, bumped into a few friends at the supermarket and busied ourselves in the kitchen I was really happy to be home.

on our last full day in hobart, I had the genius idea to do the 10km bike ride from town to mona. I was quite insistent and it turned out to be one of the best and worst decisions of the trip. worst because the ride was actually quite tricky, the bikes were unfamiliar and it was super windy and at times rainy along the way. tony also fell off his bike at one point! but then we saw things like the glenorchy art and sculpture park, where the photo above is from. the colours in tassie were really brilliant and living in such a flat place, I was really taken by the mountains at every turn.

we ended up at mona on three separate occasions, one day for the gallery, another for the fantastic mona market/food fair where we snacked on gingerbread and sour cherry macaroons and then at the end of our ill fated bike ride.

I have about a billion photos of tony from the trip, the only one he took of me was on the day we decided to skip showers and slather ourselves with suncream and insect repellant and go on a long walk through the national park. safe to say I won't be sharing that photo here.

it's 2013 tomorrow! I've been mistakenly referring to 2012 as last year for at least two months now.

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