Monday, December 3, 2012

today at work I got a little sunburnt, sampled my first ganmain pie (it was great!), swapped some homemade banana bread for a jar of mamma made cookies and spent a lot of time waiting for cars, trucks and gusts of wind to pass.

every six weeks or so, I take a deep breath and have a go standing in front of the camera for work. it's kind of strange mainly because my work usually involves being behind the scenes. I love the unseen parts of my job, the visits to people's houses and the morning and afternoon tea spreads they put out, finding myself in scenarios that are so foreign to me like dairy farms and karate meet-ups. more often than not nothing dressier than jeans is required.

my friend suzi took these photos in ganmain this morning. sadly we had to change locations because of a very noisy tree mulcher. it was our final shoot for the year, no more lines to learn for now, just holidays to look forward to.

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