Saturday, July 20, 2013

happy home.

my bag stayed stubbornly unpacked for a whole week after we arrived home and our fridge remained pretty empty until yesterday afternoon. it takes a little while to settle back into non-holiday life but thankfully we've been helped along all week by friends.

last sunday when we drove back into town we were greeted by a card and bottle of wine on our doorstep and were also given a whole homemade lemon cake. the girls at work chipped in to buy the biggest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen and most nights, we've been tucking into the fancy chocolates my brother and his wife gave us the night before we drove home.

I had no idea engagements meant so many nice presents and well wishes, it's really made the moment feel really special.

and then on friday night, after a late finish at work some friends came round for dinner, only we supplied the house and they brought food with them. dinner was a massive homemade lasagne that tasted nostalgically like the spaghetti sauce my uncle used to make and salad leaves from their garden, along with two baby snails that were promptly relocated to our mini garden. one of our friends will be designing and making my engagement ring, along with our wedding bands so that night there were sketches and ring fittings and lots of decisions that were left unmade.

and though we looked at a neighbourhood during our sydney trip where we thought we might be able to afford to buy a little apartment in a few years, coming back to wagga wagga definitely feels like coming home.

 ^^ my gift wrapping supplies were replenished in sydney, now I just need more people to have birthdays!

 ^^ sophie's been giving me little yellow gifts all week. here are her homegrown jonquils and eggs from her parent's place. there was also the aforementioned lemon cake, a yellow ice cream shaped cookie cutter and some yellow sprinkles.

inspired by everyone's generosity this week, I made some baby sourdough loaves to give to friends.

today's a home day but yesterday we went out to try the refurbished cafe in town. it was nice and bright and tony and I sat in the window, drawing pictures of rings and staring at the cars that were stuck at the traffic lights.

we watched the nick xenophon episode of kitchen cabinet (I love that show so much) and I finished cheryl strayed's wild. it's easily the best book I've read all year.

I hope you've had a good weekend!

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