Wednesday, July 17, 2013

six photos from a very special day.

last wednesday was a good day. even though we were on a mini holiday the day started early. tony kindly drove me to an early ballet class in town. when we lived in sydney I used to take the same class on a friday night, an absolute beginners class that is surprisingly invigorating and fun for a clumsy person like me.

after class, I walked through circular quay and went to meet tony in chippendale for lunch. it was our old neighbourhood and I took a little detour on the way so I could visit the first house we shared. it's the green house in the middle, only when we lived there it looked more like the house on the right, white and pretty run down.

we had the yummiest lunch at brickfields bakery, I spied lemon pi in the kitchen and we shared a pork belly and slaw sandwich before digging into a slice of pear and ginger cake.

later we stumbled across an amazing documentary about koori radio at carriageworks and eventually found our way to the art gallery of new south wales where we saw anne landa award, which this year was called 'the space between us'. the video work that won was beautiful and moving and added to all of the small things that were making my day.

we made one last stop at a pretty bookshop before heading home to get ready for dinner.

we went to a new little italian restaurant in enmore for tea and I only have three poorly lit photos from the night because midway through dinner tony asked me to marry him.

I said yes and immediately lost my appetite from excitement. actually, I was lost for words and had to nod my reply. tony said that he knew I was really happy because my glasses started to fog up.

^^ the couple sitting behind us saw the whole proposal and sent over some champagne which was really lovely. I hope I get to do something similar for another couple one day.

^^ I tried to take a photo of tony from our table but it was dark so you can just make out his smile!

I loved that we got engaged in sydney because it meant that we could spend the next few days sharing our news with friends and family. tony even managed to open his first solo exhibition in sydney before it was time to drive back to wagga wagga.

and now we're home and happily engaged, though we can't wait to get married next year.


  1. That is a very special day indeed! I love that your glasses fogged up and people gave you champagne. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  2. eeeeeeee! Still smiling with this news! *s*

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