Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 good things

^^ the start of spring, though I hardly know myself without a thermal and coat layer.

 ^^ sunday arvo hot chips in the park! these are special lord of the fries beauties with kansas bbq sauce.

^^ another melbourne food favourite - a trip to little cupcakes on degraves street. we did get away last weekend! I always get tiny teddy cake and regret not buying a box for the long drive home.

^^ the pretty view from our hotel room, which was a little bit parisian.

^^ and some fresh reading material from the australian centre for contemporary arts.

and we just had the nicest mid-week evening. we went for a walk after work, made chicken and pesto pasta for tea, watched my favourite show on tv (second last episode of kitchen cabinet tonight!) whilst eating mini chocolate and caramel magnums. so good!

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