Friday, September 20, 2013

good things ahead

hello weekend! I had a productive but slightly panicked week at work so I'm excited to do not much this weekend.

here are a few exciting things that aren't too far away:
  • digging into the chocolate mousse cake that's setting in the fridge right now. I made it to share with my chocolate friend after dinner tonight. tony's parents brought us a huge ocean trout when they were in town last weekend, so we're going to share our fish with some friends, who are going to cook a rack of lamb. yum yum! 
  • my first trip to bega. I can't wait to see the sea again, and try out a yummy gelato shop that was recommended months ago. I'm going to be spending a weekend with two good friends from work, one lives in bega, the other in mittagong. I'll be staying in my friend's cute vintage guest caravan, and am thinking of bringing a sneaky caravan gift to leave behind.
  • I think I've found my wedding dress. it's sweet but not too wedding like, now I just have to overcome my fear of buying clothes online.
  • my engagement ring is weeks away! I can't wait to wear it, our friend is in the process of making it and will take it to adelaide to have the stone set. it's been an interesting process so far, and surprisingly difficult to decide on something. it'll be my first real piece of proper jewellery.
  • finishing a super cool story. last month I recorded a radio story that I've been dying to work on. I finally had the chance to listen to it back yesterday, and was so excited about it that I contemplated bringing my work computer home so I could keep working on it over the weekend. I'm grateful that the two people involved decided to record their story with me, and I cannot wait to start editing it next week.
  • upcoming city trips. my sister is about to have her first baby, and I'm about to become an aunt. there's about 3 weeks to go, so there's a sydney trip on the cards, I just don't know when. and tony is about to start his 4 week stint in canberra (sniff!), which will means a few weekends away to visit him and stock up on goodies from silo bakery. I have been dreaming about their berry brioche buns for weeks now.
^^ and here are two snaps from this weekend. my yummy cinnamon pancake breakfast and the aforementioned chocolate mousse cake before it went in the fridge to set! it's a beauty.