Saturday, January 11, 2014

a weekend in the mountains

weeks ago, we spent the days before christmas in the mountains, visiting blackheath and tony's parents. it was our first christmas outside of sydney or wagga wagga, and it was exciting to drive through new towns enroute.

we stopped in young to pick up a big box of cherries and went onto orange to have lunch with my friend luke, who grew up in the town. we drove through bathurst (sadly the art gallery was closed but we're hoping to go back one day to try annie's ice cream and visit the gallery) and lithgow before arriving some six hours later in blackheath.

despite being summer, most of our days in blackheath were cool. I pretended that we were in the northern hemisphere and made spiced shortbread and a hot chicken caesar salad in the home's new kitchen. tony's mum wendy made everyone hot cups of ginger and honey tea to warm us up.

during the day we would read, wander up to the nearby village for cooking supplies, books and last minute gifts. we went to katoomba one afternoon to try on hats and found some cute bakeries and on our second last day, we went on a family excursion to the norman lindsay gallery.

on christmas eve, wendy taught me how to make a pavlova (the trick is super dry utensils and mixing bowls), which I took to my family's christmas dinner and we had a good giggle making these strawberry and cream santas.

it was raining on christmas morning, and we opened our presents from under the beautiful pine tree, ate a special ham and gravalax breakfast before driving down the mountain towards the city.

we're along way from the cool mountain weather now.  this week we're anticipating a heatwave, they're predicting a 44 degree days in a row so we're busy making ice and staying indoors.

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