Sunday, January 26, 2014

summer food and a super long weekend

(at home we've been cooking pretty exclusively from two cookbooks - nigel slater's 'eat', which is where this excellent prawn and watermelon salad came from, and bill's everyday asian.)

(my friend in bega is about to have her first baby - a little boy! so it was off to the post office to send her a gift, as well as a little gift for my best friend, my grandparents and my sister)

(we've spent our long weekend reading, eating and resting. I'm onto my third tao lin book in nearly as many weeks, they're very addictive.)

(more evidence of eating - this time homemade banana granola and fresh berries. because I don't really drink, I think it's kind of okay to spend silly amounts of money on special fruit, namely raspberries, mangoes and figs. this book of letters is excellent, it was a christmas gift that was carefully hunted down for me. each letter is so surprising.)

(and skype time with my sister and niece. she's growing up quickly - this week I saw her play with toys, suck on various frozen items to soothe her teething pains, heard her play with her voice and then get ready for bed. she might come to visit in a few months!)

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