Saturday, March 8, 2014

a rainy weekend in sydney

hello! here are some photos from our back-in-a-flash trip to sydney last weekend. we decided to brave the long-ish drive and do a return trip in 3 days, so we could attend a very special first birthday party. it rained for most of our stay but we had lots of things to distract us and had a wonderful time. I do, however need to invest in some non-fabric shoes.

we tried airbnb for the first time and stayed in a small but perfectly sized garden studio. tony says I'm the fussier of the two of us when it comes to accommodation but I'm hoping to go camping this year (proper camping, with a tent! I've never done that before) so it's baby steps for now.

one of the things I was most excited about doing while we were in town was paying a visit to my sister and her baby girl. on saturday morning there were lots of baby cuddles and I had a go at feeding my niece before she went off for a nap. I really miss my sister and sydney girlfriends living in wagga and we had time to drink earl grey tea and snack on banana bread while the rain fell sideways outside and my niece slept.

that night we finally got to go to hartsyard for dinner to celebrate what tony's been referring to as our last anniversary. it was our 6 year anniversary and from here on in, we'll be switching to wedding anniversaries. it's hard to believe that there's just 6 months to go! we had actually thought about getting married on our anniversary this year and in hindsight, we're super glad we have more time to plan and work and save money.

on saturday, I ran between newsagents to find a copy of our newest national newspaper. I may have purchased 3 copies in the end, one for me, and two for friends in bega and tokyo.

and then sunday was a happy blur of breakfast, birthday party, a gleebooks pit stop and then lots of highway. we drove home with a paper plate loaded with lamb and rice and a container of chocolate birthday cake (with suitably kid-friendly yellow buttercream icing and a smattering of freckles), which we gratefully consumed much later that night before falling into bed. and after 3 full years of living in wagga wagga, when we do get back to our own place, it really does feel like home.

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