Friday, March 28, 2014


this time last week we were racing around sydney, on a few small missions to pick up cupcakes and a special corsage before heading to a fancy two course garden lunch. it was my mum's 60th birthday party, and we'd driven up from wagga the day before for the celebration.

I bought this silly photo booth kit from Kinokuniya the day before the party and we mucked around with the beards, moustaches, bow-ties and pipes at my sister's place that afternoon. after a few turns in front of the camera, my mum kept asking for 'her pipe', which had become her favourite accessory.

they were a hit! see tony above with my mum's pipe ;) my sister invented a game for everyone to play post birthday cake, which was a mix of taboo, articulate and celebrity heads. we took turns trying to guess the celebrity our team mate was trying to describe, without making any mention of gender. I'm very competitive when it comes to party games, and our team won.

I was on team Sofa. and in the end we won by more than two points :)

everyone looked so cute and festive in their party hats! they fascinated my niece all afternoon. and then there was cake, a special strawberry tart that my brother made, base and all. he even lined the base with a thin layer of lindt chocolate (totally genius move!) before the vanilla custard went in.

and finally, post feed and nap, a certain little person quickly became the centre of attention.

more cake stories from sydney to come.

p.s - I dusted my dslr off and took it to sydney. it's so old now (I bought it second hand to start with..) that the lcd screen is tiny and grainy in comparison to my work camera. I tried to shoot everything in full manual but my family moves very quickly! still, better than phone photos for once!

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