Saturday, August 23, 2014

One last hurrah - a birthday at home

Just a couple more pics of my actual birthday, which I spent in Wagga Wagga, at work and then at home with some friends, a whole lot of pizza and even more cake.

This was my pre-birthday lunch in Sydney, I finally made it to the Rising Sun Workshop ramen and cake bar and was so happy. The space was beautiful, the ramen was especially delicious (they even had a vegetarian mushroom version) and I didn't leave before sampling a rich chocolate and ginger cookie (highly recommended).

I have wanted this cake tin for a very long time. Initially for a friend's fairy bread birthday cake, which I talked myself out of because you can't actually buy it in Australia. My brother and his wife ended up giving it to me, and I ripped the wrapping paper off like a kid once I realised what it was!

There were 3 cakes in all! Larry made a dense orange and almond cake that was impressively tall for my office celebration. You can't really tell in the pic but the sparklers were in the shape of 30.

Sophie made an even taller naked chocolate cake with raspberries and strawberries and we snacked on it for days to come! 

And Amy made a sugar free Zebra cheesecake (only hers looked even better than the original recipe), which was light and subtly flavoured, which made eating an additional two slices of cake possible.

Pizza party friends! I haven't had a birthday party in years but turning 30 was a good excuse to have a few special Wagga friends over for a simple dinner and lots of cake.

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