Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We got married!

A little over two weeks ago, Tony and I were married in Sydney. We had the very best day and here are a few pics our friends and family shared with us.

I plan to write more soon! I actually made a long list of my highlights from the day over a cup of tea and slice of wedding cake that night, when I was too excited to sleep. As soon as I'd finished and passed my list over to Tony to read, my good friend Vanessa emailed with her list of highlights!

We have so many friends and family to thank for helping put the day together. My brother Derrick put together all of the music, in between his multiple radio shows, my super talented friend Sophie was our florist and my friend Luke from work snapped these black and white shots for us.

There were five cakes in all, which is normal right? It's just like a mega wedding cake only deconstructed :) The flavours were top deck (2/3 milk chocolate, 1/3 white chocolate mud cake), coconut and strawberry and honeycomb, with special crunchie chunks in the icing layers. I ate them all!

It started to sprinkle as we danced our first dance, and everyone still joined us as the rain set in.

My friend Jemma, who you can see in the floral dress, made it along which was very special, as she'd given birth to her first baby just 6 days before.  We've been friends ever since high school and having her and her new family there was so great. They even managed to out stay us. 

And here's a small confession, I'd actually bought the dress I wore on the way out of the wedding years before we got engaged. Silly but true. The first share house that we lived in together was around the corner from a fashion designer's studio, and this dress happened to be in the window one day. It was hidden in my wardrobe for years :)

Thanks to my brother-in-law Sean, my sister Carla and my friend Luke for these pics.

The very last person I saw as we left the venue was my 86 year old grandfather, or Goong Goong, as I've always known him. He stood at the doorway, back lent against the wall, whole heatedly blowing farewell bubbles. I was so surprised he was there because I thought he had to head home early. I'm sure I said 'Bye Goong Goong!' But he was too busy blowing bubbles to reply.

More pics to come! Hope you've had an excellent September, hooray for Spring.

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