Saturday, October 4, 2014

Long weekend!

After a month away from home, I'm especially excited about the long weekend. I've been making pizzas, taking 2 hour naps (! clearly still jet lagged) and reading some new books I brought back from our trip.

I'm also planning to:
  • Watch this Helen Garner special on ABC Arts. I just finished reading her latest book 'This House of Grief', which was haunting and excellent. This podcast sums up the book so well, and she also has an article in The Monthly.
  • Wrap birthday presents for my niece! She turns 1 next week. Tony and I bought her the ride on bee you see below (another excellent kid-friendly recommendation from Kristy) but I couldn't help but buy her a few more little things for her party.
  • I caved and bought Lena Dunham's new book - I was trying to hold out til the paperback release! There's been lots of press about her lately but this was my favourite interview.
  • A billboard made me buy these ice creams and they're so good - we have the coconut flavour in the freezer, and it's conveniently very hot this weekend. We also tried the mocha flavour when my sister was in town. So delicious!
  • And I might also try my luck at making a Pimm's cup. We have duty free spirits :)
We get our wedding photos back this coming week - exciting!

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