Friday, October 3, 2014

Mini mooning in Sydney

Before we headed overseas after the wedding, we spent a few days in a very Sydney nice hotel, a gift from my in-laws. We are Airbnb people at best, so the stay felt very special.

One thing that stood out was the language the staff use, which was anything but casual. It reminded me of my days as a shop girl in a designer boutique, where it was drummed into us that anything we said to customers was a representation of the brand. Therefore, nothing was 'nice' or 'pretty' but instead 'fabulous'. 
At the hotel, nearly everything was prefaced by 'May I,' including may I send up a complimentary bottle of champagne, may I present you with some flowers - you get the idea. 

We ordered room service (it came in a fancy trolley!) because it was true that you don't really eat anything at your own wedding! The next day we walked to the MCA to see a Japanese animation exhibition, which was excellent and happened to be closing that day.

For most of the honeymoon, I asked Tony to pose for food photos with his left hand, so I could get his ring in shot. It was such a novelty, and about a month later, still is :) 

We ate on our balcony a lot - because it had a view of the Opera house! And we ate a lot of wedding cake, because the venue boxed up two slices of every flavour for us to take with us. The honeycomb flavour was my favourite.

It was a little chilly but we decided to go swimming on the rooftop and ended up seeing a rainbow! Well Tony saw it and suggested I put my glasses on, so I could see it too.

Tony started drawing the wedding while I wrote thank you cards to our parents and bridal party. I kept my bridal bouquet and took it with me because I didn't want to part with it! Also as a single lady, I hated being called up to catch the bouquet - I was embarrassed and clumsy. At one wedding, the bouquet was coming right at me - so I ducked!

I snapped this shot on the way back from dinner, we ate at my favourite Sydney eatery (Fratellis!) and then it was off to bed before a long flight the next day. 

I texted this to my dad, he loves the Opera House.

Next up, some posts of New York City! I took so many photos so I might be posting them for weeks.

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  1. We won't care if your NY posts go for weeks. Vicarious travel is better than no travel!