Sunday, May 12, 2013

chocolate cake & side projects. want to know something kind of strange? seeing photos of good cakes on the internet makes me really happy. here are my four favourites:

this afternoon I made a chocolate fudge cake fit for a kid's birthday party, complete with icing and sprinkles. it was great and I love going to work on a monday knowing there's a slice of cake waiting for me at the end of the day.

last week a friend of mine had a really hard week of work. I was really glad that we could catch up and chat. we talked about what had happened and how she was feeling and we also talked about the importance of having a few different interests and projects going at any one time. we both really love what we do for work and sometimes, it's easy to concentrate our efforts there. but we talked about other things we liked that we knew made us happy.

I walked away from our meet up and my fortnight in sydney with a small resolution to tackle small fun projects most of the time. when I was at uni I found so much enjoyment out of running the matchbox project and later tackling the semi-ridiculous task of hand decorating 1000 coffee cups for my favourite cafe and one year, making a zine/care-package for people with the flu. back then I looked at little projects as a way to escape something else in my life that wasn't totally satisfying and for the past years I've felt pretty happy and challenged, so I haven't really thought to do anything extra.

but now I want to do something just for me and just for fun, because silly projects like creative cakes, always bring me lots of joy.

I already have something in mind which I'm excited about and I hope to start getting it off the ground soon.

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