Sunday, May 19, 2013

crossing the border. early on wednesday morning I drove to victoria to meet a work mate in wodonga and continue onto bright. the original plan was to film across two days in and around the town, only on the first day it rained constantly.

I checked my phone constantly for weather updates and we persevered, dashing out to try and film little bits while the rain was light or had briefly stopped. it was minus 1 for the bulk of our shoot and by the end of it, I could hardly feel my feet. but our surroundings were so beautiful and the bright yellow leaf litter was especially impressive.

the food in bright was amazing, after a few hours in the elements, we ate at this lovely little cafe called ginger baker. we must've looked really cold because they brought us thick black blankets to rug up at our table. I had a grilled eggplant half covered in a buttermilk, lemon and parsley topping and took a lemon and coconut slice home for tony, which I managed to eat half of despite it being a gift.

after a long break from driving, it was really nice to be back on the road again. I didn't realise how much I'd missed it. my eyes are always wide open when I visit country victoria, it's the extra novelty of being outside of my region that makes me notice more things and want to photograph everything.

here's a photo of a bus shelter that is anonymously and seasonally decorated by some locals in everton. I also spotted this really goofy bright pink letterbox, with a cartoon nose and a pipe just outside bright but both times I spotted it too late to stop.

I've come home with a small cold and am feeling a bit tired this weekend. I've realised that I've only been home in wagga for two of the last six weeks so I'm glad to be back home with only day trips planned for the coming month.

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