Sunday, May 26, 2013

a sunday stroll. this afternoon we kicked and crunches leaves all the way into town. we had decided to take the whole day off, from chores and in tony's case, painting and marking uni assignments so we could spend the whole day together. we jokingly referred to it as love day.

we walked everywhere, which was a lot of fun in itself, tried to visit shops that were closed and had a long lunch in town. tony's been drawing portraits on his iPad so we struck a deal where he'd draw me after lunch while I read. I chose asterios polyp for my sitting, a graphic novel one of tony's friends recommended and finished it in an afternoon. I wasn't sure about it at first and contemplated giving up when I reached the halfway mark but by the end, I was really sad that it was over.

^^ here's my favourite car in town, a cute shiny black ute that's usually parked a block or two from our house.

we made a stop at the art gallery on the way home, where I saw this really lovely artwork by kayo yokoyama, called homeland series - 108 houses. each glass house contained a tiny surprisingly familiar object or collection of objects, like some novelty balloons, a tube of toothpaste and a towel or a pizza.

this weekend was one of the happiest and most relaxing in some time. wagga wagga is really beautiful in autumn and I finally feel like I've settled back into my routine at home.

tomorrow I'm off to griffith to work on a video with some siblings who came to australia as refugees from afghanistan. we started filming last year and I can't wait to work with them again. we'll be working on subtitling what we've already shot and hopefully, doing a bit more filming.

and being griffith, there's also always the promise of buying cookies by the kilo to take home.

have a great week!


  1. Your love day sounds lovely :) It certainly beats our 'Drive kids to sport' day!