Friday, August 23, 2013

crossing the border

this was meant to be a crazy week, one in which I'd be in wagga, canberra and melbourne over 5 days but sadly on sunday afternoon I started to feel cold and exhausted and had the beginnings of a sore throat. it was probably because the day before, I'd boasted to tony that I hadn't had the flu since we moved to wagga or caught a cold over winter.

still, I pressed on with my trip to canberra and drove out of town early on tuesday morning. the plan was to record and photograph six stories at one of the major cultural institutions.

thankfully I was joined by vanessa, one of my favourite colleagues and her company made the trip a lot of fun and a lot less stressful. I was also grateful that she could jump in and take over when my cold got a little too much.

we made it our priority to enjoy as much city food as we could when we weren't working. we had a lovely late cafe breakfast on wednesday before we were due to start work. there was seared haloumi all round.

we also tried a japanese restaurant in town that was equal parts traditional and wacky. we ordered the cheese moffle from the menu because it sounded silly and when it arrived we found out that it was a sticky rice pancake covered in cheese. it was funny but probably not the best thing we ate that night. I also ordered a mok grape from the drinks menu, which was a lot more successful. it was a slushie that tasted like grape fanta, with frozen berries sprinkled on top.

and on our final night in town there was a delicious lao thai meal. we'd worked through lunch that day, so we did a good job of over ordering at dinner.

sadly the icy winds and long days did nothing to help my cold.  the drive home was challenging and my trip to melbourne was off. I returned home with a very croaky voice and a small bag of souvenirs, including two very delicious berry brioche buns from the famed silo bakery which had jam baked into them. genius!

hope you have a lovely weekend!

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