Monday, August 12, 2013

two weekends

the weekend before last we were in sydney, so that tony could pack up his exhibition and give an artist talk. our first stop was lunch in glebe, and I had to stop to take a photo of this super cute white house with the window sill flower boxes!

on sunday my brother and his wife made us buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, which they served with homemade nutella. they have the loveliest apartment in woollahara and post-pancakes I thought it was a great idea to go and try on some wedding dresses. suffice to say no dress was bought.

but we have managed to book a venue! which is exciting and means we can relax a little. we're going to get married next year in spring and this is the view from the place we'll get married and have a lunch reception. I'm super relieved and now we'll just save our pennies, organise the fun things and be patient.

we're hoping to have an engagement party in wagga this year and I'm obsessed with hiring this caravan for a picnic in the park.

and here's a quick snap from our sunday walk from this weekend just past. after two weekends away from home it was such a relief to be back.

it's my birthday tomorrow and I am so excited! this morning tony caught me squeezing a present my friend sent me that I'm not allowed to open until tomorrow. he's making me this chocolate birthday cake as I write!

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  1. It's your birthday today! Happy Birthday! You can open that present now.