Thursday, August 15, 2013

when you are 29

my birthday started gleefully with a pug themed present that had been sent from my friend in bega, which was opened over breakfast. the parcel had arrived four days earlier but the instructions on the back were clear, it was not to be opened until august 13. I made it but only just. the morning before my birthday, tony caught me gently squeezing the package and suggested I put it down.

the gift my aunt sent wasn't so lucky. I opened it later that night and was ecstatic to discover a pair of hand knitted fingerless gloves and a matching beret. she's been in a bit of a knitting frenzy lately and said she'd whipped my present up in a couple of days. handmade presents are the best!

there were more lovely treats to come. my lovely friend amy gave me a box of gift cards and mini envelopes that she had made, along with the most beautiful birthday card I have seen in a very long time. I'm now wracking my brain for things I can make for other people's birthdays!

there was a chocolate cheesecake at work, which was very welcome after I'd spent a long day spent shooting outside in the freezing cold and a bright yellow iPad bag from tony who had ignored my suggestion to not give me any presents this year because of the engagement ring he'd so recently saved up for. instead he organised a mini treasure hunt around the house and gave me a cookbook I'd been eyeing for close to a year, a funny J-pop album, a furry make up bag in the shape of a bear head and all of the archives of my favourite DVD quarterly.

my favourite part of the day was a little after work walk along the levee bank. we found a little walking trail that led us to flowerdale and we watched some pelicans and dodged magpies before hurrying back to the car in what light was left.

tony made a special tea for dinner. I had randomly requested some blue cheese pasta and this chocolate guinness cake and he didn't disappoint. he made everything himself and the dinner was so fantastic. we've been happily eating leftovers ever since.

so far 29 seems very promising.


  1. I'm sure 29 is going to be great, though I can't really remember it myself, sigh. That pug card is awesome. I want a pug so badly......

    1. I would like a pug too! I think they're so sweet. I am sad that they can't breathe properly though and I hear that they're not very bright. hmm.. you have a great dog though! I love milo! especially when he hasn't had a haircut in awhile :)