Wednesday, April 17, 2013

pretty city things.

1. lunchtime at balmoral beach, taken after I accidentally locked myself out of tony's parent's apartment. thankfully it was a nice place to kill some time.

2. every kind of greeting card you can imagine. I bought cards from kiki k, paper 2, the art gallery of nsw, kinokuniya, basically anywhere I could, sydney has a lot of pretty stationary to offer.

3. a lovely lunch from brown rice sushi in double bay. while I may not feel my most comfortable self in double bay, the food is worth it. during our stay I had japanese 3 times, woohoo!

and not pictured, a sneaky doorstep present we left at my uncle's house. leaving surprise gifts on people's doorsteps makes me really happy. this time, the front door was open so instead of gifting and running, we knocked on the door and had a nice chat too.

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