Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the best ever birthday cake. our final night in sydney was spent celebrating my dad's 60th birthday, a week in advance of the actual event. much planning had gone into the night, I'd hatched a plan with one of my brothers late last year to organise a banquet for my dad at mr wong's. many emails were exchanged and budgets were made before we finally booked.

and then came the hunt for the perfect cake. in the end I ordered a pavlova, my dad's favourite, from black star pastry. it looked so amazing and I held onto so carefully until it reached my brother's place. it was pretty much intact when it came time to sing happy birthday and the cake was a hit. 

we had such a good night, everyone was dressed up and in good spirits and we found ourselves in a private little room at the restaurant. my teenage brother declared that it was his most favourite restaurant and when we weren't eating, we busied ourselves taking photos of each other and our surroundings. after a prolonged and confronting period of sadness and loss, it was great to have been able to celebrate something together. losing my aunt has certainly changed us, we're a lot more thankful and aware of our surroundings now and we say 'I love you' to each other more readily. 

we're back home now, and our fridge is slowly filling up. we're loving being back in our own space in our own town where things are a lot less frantic and busy. I can't wait to make some more bread this weekend.

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