Thursday, April 25, 2013

this week I finished a new video about a small town that's taken on an art project with gusto and feasted on hazelnut cookies, leftover easter eggs and tea before bed each night.

I'm off to sydney again next week and will spend a fortnight in the city working on a radio project with two of my favourite workmates. I am excited about the trip, the project and knowing that I'll have two solid weeks with my family but I will miss tony and my home.

this weekend I have one very small goal and it's to eat donuts in the park with coffee while it's still warm enough to be outside. a small but achievable goal!


  1. Have fun in Sydney. Where will you run?!

    1. Amy - I don't know! There's a route near my parent's house that I used to walk, it's hilly so I'm not sure whether I can run it. I'll try though :)