Saturday, June 1, 2013

three treats and scones for lunch. this week I learnt the gender of my sister's baby, which filled me with joy. I wanted to tell everyone about it, even though I wasn't allowed to, and even though none of my work friends have met my sister.

this week, we also tried out the new mexican place in town and I started reading a new book which came highly recommended by a friend. I've since become a little bit obsessed with the writer cheryl strayed. I read this chapter on helping someone deal with grief this afternoon and it was pretty amazing.

we enjoyed our sunday walk so much last weekend that we went for a long wander again today. here's one of my favourite houses on my street, I love the awning and windowsill flower box. I was too shy to creep closer for a better shot.

we did stop along the way, our main mission was to eat scones for lunch.

just now, tony's in the next room listening to chilly gonzales making tomato soup and garlic bread for dinner and I have the day off tomorrow. yippee!

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