Friday, February 15, 2013

a day trip to apple town. early on thursday morning I headed up the snowy mountains highway headed for batlow. there are 29 local government areas in the region I work in, which means I spend a fair bit of my time in the car driving to different towns. the drive towards adelong is one of my favourites, it's not too far away and it's pretty and winding, which is good for variety.

somewhere between adelong and batlow I found myself stuck behind a very old and very slow moving truck filled with cattle. I didn't mind, it was fun to drive slowly and admire the beautiful scenery. batlow is on higher ground and so when I got out of my car, the first thing I noticed was the cooler air, which smelt of wood. and then I noticed the apples, everywhere.

I'm slightly envious of the town's mascot! wagga wagga's main logo is a big black dot at the moment, which is not nearly as playful or as versatile as an apple. 

apparently the apple boom in batlow happened in the 50's. walking around town I saw the old packing building and a now disused mountain maid factory. I remember drinking mountain maid apple juice as a kid! it's such a pretty town and there are lots of orchards still in operation.

one of my favourite things was stopping by at some of the roadside stalls to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables to take home. the little shop below was self-service. there was an honesty box, a calculator, plenty of change, a scale for weighing your fruit and veg and plastic bags and boxes. very organised!

I went home with a bag full of apples, two punnets of raspberries (they were half the price of the supermarket ones and all different sizes!), some snowpeas, beans and a jar of blackberry jam from a friend's farm.

p.s - sorry about all the odd-shaped photos! I was juggling lots of gear on the day so snapped everything on my phone.

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