Thursday, February 7, 2013

lovely little things. it's been a quiet yet productive week and I've been appreciating some everyday luxuries, like snacking on mango at work, the rainbow pencil I use to write shopping lists, pretty notebooks, homemade bread and spreads and my morning coffee that my boyfriend doesn't let me leave home without, even if I need to leave home before 6am.

I made these cupcakes for an annual amateur table tennis competition we're heading to tonight, at my friend's house. it's a competition for his work friends, who are awesome, and this year tony and I scored an invite. I've already told everyone that I am going to win, I am actually really uncoordinated but have a competitive streak for the silliest of things.

it's chinese new year this weekend and we'll do something small on saturday night to celebrate. other than that I'm planning to make a couple loaves of bread and watch lots of louis theroux, who I've become a little obsessed with.

one other good thing from this week, I've been swapping music with a friend. we'd agreed to make each other 2 cd samplers with the rule that if we liked what we heard, we would go and buy a cd from that band. and through her, I've discovered chairlift.

have a good weekend!

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