Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 this morning I shrugged off the sleepiness and sadness that's been slowing me down this week and went running. and then I felt like I owned the day.

today I'm excited about:
  • this gorgeous video that I worked on with sophie and blake for abc open. it profiles talented  spoken word poet zohab khan who lives in wagga wagga. I especially love the performance at the end, shot at the top of willans hill.
  • a new valentine's day episode from this american life. last year's episode made me cry from laughter, maybe because I grew up listening to phil collins, second hand in my dad's car.
  • the prospect of eye-bombing, this diy gallery cracks me up. and conveniently I recently discovered that you can buy giant stick on eyes.
  • valentine's day tomorrow. I like love and I love any opportunity to give a gift. I'm going to try this choc chip cookie recipe that yields just two cookies! (via a cup of jo)
  • eating outside. inspired by pink ronnie's family beach picnics, we packed up our dinner tonight and went to eat by the lagoon. we had fancy homemade sandwiches, fresh fruit and juice and lingered over dinner. here's the view from our picnic tonight.
I'm on the road early tomorrow morning and I'm really looking forward to getting out of town for half a day, visiting a new place and listening to some music and stories along the way. and I have a sneaking suspicion, I'll arrive home to a small gift.


  1. *cuddles* YOU hear that TONY? Gift? BIG BIG GIFT!!!! *s*

    1. haha! I actually had to upgrade my gift idea of making him a nice lunch after he let it slip that he had planned to get me a dvd of one of my favourite shows. oooops.