Saturday, February 2, 2013

sunday snacks. only a few words today, I've spent most of the weekend in bed, fighting off a persistent migraine and am still pretty sleepy.  I'm feeling a little better this afternoon thanks to a small collection of sweet snacks.

when tony came home from making beer with a friend around the corner, I made him a snack plate too. his is the boy/savory version.

I'm reading 'the atlas of experience' at the moment, a book I discovered a couple weeks ago when my uncle came to stay and showed me the copy he had borrowed from a friend. it's a thoughtful and philosophical read and I especially enjoyed the chapter on home.

I'm secretly excited about valentine's day in a few weeks. tony and I have hatched a plan to make a  surprise dessert for each other on the day. I had really wanted to organise a packed lunch exchange but I'm working out of town on valentine's day so swapped desserts it is!

wishing you a good week ahead!

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