Thursday, February 28, 2013

love stuff. it's our 5 year anniversary today! which is exciting because I love any opportunity to celebrate. this is one of my favourite photos of tony and I, we only have a handful together. it was taken in tokyo, in harajuku in 2009 and it was our first trip overseas together. it had been my dream to go to japan and we talked ourselves into buying cheap tickets, even though we could only just afford to go.

one thing I've realised about tony is that if I say something's my dream, he takes it seriously and helps me make it happen. like moving to wagga wagga from sydney to take a job at a place I've only even dreamed of working. we talked about it for awhile and then made the move together. and it was a big move and one we've made work for both of us.

so I don't throw around the 'it's my dream' line too often at all but it's so reassuring to know that my hopes for the future are totally encouraged by tony.

inspired by pink ronnie's amazing memory book that captures the story of her ever evolving relationship with her husband in photos, notes and mementos, I've been making a little memory book as a gift. I've discovered that it's really hard to make a surprise gift for the person you live with! so I've been waking up super early on weekends (like 6.30am!) and creeping downstairs to cut and stick photos into a book. and sneaking off to work in the library. and making excuses for what I'm doing on my laptop so I can photoshop things. I haven't printed photos in years, so it was so satisfying to plan it out, print the photos and put it all together.

we're going to have dinner at a new-ish place in town and if I can muster the energy, I might bake a cake. I've had a super long week and driven over 700km for work in a few days so I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to going out to dinner.

have a nice weekend!

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  1. LOVE!!!!! Just doing a blog catch up! I cant believe I missed this!! Happy 5 years you two - you are cute - to - boot. xsx