Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a few quiet days at home

in between city visits, I've been back at home in wagga wagga.

most of the time I've been busy working but there has been time for a lunch break spent in the memorial gardens in town. to borrow a phrase from amy, in the paris end of town.

at work I'm nearly finished a story I've been working on quietly since mid august. it's a bit of a side project and I've been finding pockets of time to edit it and add to it, and I think it's nearly there.

one of my colleague has been generously lending his ears, he has with quite a bit of my work this year and it's been a great experience to work on it with his guidance. often I'm impatient and I'll be frustrated that particular stories are not yet finished, especially the ones I'm really excited about but working on something over a couple of months and being encouraged to go back and fix different parts with a few creative suggestions has really helped the story develop.

every time I listen back to what's there, I understand it a little better, and the time in between often brings me clarity (and sometimes, confusion).

^^ last week on a rainy and freezing morning, I met up with a friend for a coffee before work and snuck in a few pages of my comic book before she arrived. it was the best way to start the day.

this week, I've been catching up on vodcasts from the radio with pictures event in sydney, I think I've gone a bit comic mad. a friend illustrated this one (I loved it because of the talking dog) and this one surprised me and broke my heart.

maybe one of the trickiest and unexpected things about being home alone is cooking for one. with a trip  away every weekend, each week becomes strangely about buying just enough, eating what's left in the fridge and minimising food waste.

that said, this week I made a very yummy banana granola (I was sceptical about the banana part but it's actually really yummy) and have been obsessed with sophie's apple, cabbage and halmoui salad. I've made it twice in the space of a week. yum.

and now to work!

have a good day.

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