Saturday, October 26, 2013

a weekend treat

I've been eyeballing the east hotel for months now, and this weekend we treated ourselves to an overnight stay in one of their apartments.  it was awesome.  usually we're pretty budget focused when it comes to accommodation and but this week marked the halfway point in tony's 5 week long drawing project (and his hundredth sitter) so we celebrated a little.

we used all of the fancy bathroom products, ate cookies and drank special tea in our lounge room for the day and finally got a chance to relax and hang out. after our stay in such a lovely hotel, I came home and immediately changed my sheets and straightened out my bedroom :)

I had the nicest weekend in canberra. I scored a lift with some friends on the friday night, and then home again on sunday so it was extra relaxing.

on saturday morning before tony started work, we visited an old friend of mine and her husband at their new home, which they'd recently renovated. they cooked us a huge breakfast which we ate in the surprisingly hot canberra sun.

may and I used to work together at a handbag outlet and later a posh clothing store in bondi while we were still at uni.  when we were shopgirls, we'd daydream about careers, eat lots of chocolate and talk about boys.

it was surreal to see her again, at a time when we were both living in new towns, working in the areas that'd we'd hoped to, with her married and me recently engaged. we compared notes about what it has been like to leave sydney, and some of the challenges of making friends in a new place, especially as adults who don't like sport.

later that day, my family arrived to visit tony at the gallery. they'd driven down from sydney for the weekend and took it in turns to sit for tony, before we lunched together in the gallery's fancy looking cafe.

I took this photos of them inside james turrell's within without work, which they loved. I regret that each photo has a slight pink tinge from my thumb!

during his stay in canberra my little brother managed to eat 5 eggs in one day and after having his portrait drawn by tony, he declared that he was having the very best day.

it had started with a maccas breakfast, an ice cream before midday, a bacon and egg roll for lunch and would end in zachary polishing off a deluxe burger with fries at our favourite burger stop in canberra.

in the few quiet moments of this weekend, I read parts of chris ware's jimmy corrigan: the smartest kid on earth, which manages to sadden and entertain me. I sat for tony whilst reading my comic book and he drew this:

now I'm home again and it's quiet, and I hope that I can finish my book tonight.

have a good week!

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