Monday, October 7, 2013

a lovely long weekend

I'm back in wagga after spending the long weekend in canberra with tony, who will be staying there for the next 5 weeks.  I had the best time and am looking forward to visiting him over the next month, it's always fun to visit a city.

we spent the weekend making the most of city things, so eating at different cafes, doing a bit of shopping, having lots of coffee, stopping at book shops and galleries.

I have been dying to see the doco style film 'stories we tell' ever since I read about it in may. luckily it was playing at the cinema close to where we were staying. every year there are two or three movies that tempt me to travel to a city just to see them on a big screen, so I felt super lucky that the screening coincided with my preplanned visit.

I liked the film but I think I loved its title and concept a little more than its execution. still, it was beautifully shot and complex. there were lots of behind the scenes elements included in the movie which satisfied my curiosity about how stories are made and told.

we stayed at university house, which in a former life housed visiting academics. the apartment was neat and it felt like we'd travelled back in time.  the apartment building was surrounded by manicured gardens, which included a small fishpond and best of all, there was a buffet breakfast every morning.

we took an early evening walk around the campus on saturday. tony used to live on campus so he showed me his old college and pointed out paths he used to take into town.

and soon it was time for me to go home. I had a one-way greyhound ticket and hopped on a bus this afternoon. I was sad to leave tony behind and am glad we had such a yummy and relaxing weekend together.

on the bus I snoozed, snacked, listened to radio documentaries and music. in my hand luggage I had a small loaf of japanese style milk bread which made it home with minimal damage, though my jar of special cooking chocolate was not quite so lucky.

the trip went quickly and I loved watching the scenery from up high. I saw lots of things I don't get to glimpse when I'm travelling in a car.

there will be lots more canberra adventures to come :)

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