Wednesday, October 9, 2013

cupcakes in the freezer

I learnt a few important lessons about food during tony's last stint away from home.  and if I could pass on any advice, it would be to freeze slices of cake. and then a few dinners, because there's something pretty special about coming home after a long day on the road, and defrosting a cupcake and something for tea.

a few weeks ago I made a schoolboy error and tried to cook most nights while I was home alone and pack my lunch for work. and so I spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning up after myself, which wasn't fun. I had no idea I was capable of creating so much mess.

thankfully, I also made the mistake of cooking for 6-8 people for most meals so this time round, I'm enjoying the odd freezer meals on days that I really need it.

here are three new food discoveries:

  • jamie oliver's oven baked spaghetti. I made it tonight as part of an attempt to find the yummiest bolognese recipe. it's my most favourite comfort food dinner. I'd definitely make this one again.
  • smitten kitchen's spinach quiche. I made the real spinach version with some mini leeks. I am very sad that there's only one slice left. I think it'll stay in the freezer for an emergency!
  • maggie beer's new peanut butter and chocolate ripple ice cream. three great things combined.

hope you're having a good week!

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