Sunday, October 13, 2013

mini weekend

today was super productive, I did all of my laundry, baked a yoghurt and lime cake, tried out a new sourdough recipe, went for a run, ordered a few christmas presents and managed to enjoy scones and tea not once but twice in one day :)

not bad for a mini weekend! I spent yesterday working in adelong, which is a beautiful gold mining town about an hours drive from where I live. the air was still chilly there and the sweet floral plates you see in these pics were picked up at a makeshift shop in town. I was actually given the one with the scalloped edge for free, along with its mate, which was a lovely souvenir. 

something very exciting happened this week - my sister had a baby girl, which means I'm an aunty. my niece's name is colette helen and I cannot wait to meet her. thankfully, my family has been sending me lots of photos of the little lady, who went home from hospital today.

and here are a few little finds from this weekend:
have a good week!

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