Saturday, March 2, 2013

mini weekend. my weekend started at lunchtime today, after running my regular writing workshop at the library in town.

so far I've had a lovely nap in this much anticipated cooler weather, enjoyed a generous square of tony's mum's famous jam slice for afternoon tea and a long chat with a good friend in sydney. this weekend we are celebrating the birth of a little boy who entered the world this morning, the first in my friendship group and I can't wait to meet the little guy in sydney in a few weeks time.

tony's dad is visiting this weekend and he has very generously agreed to deliver a special care package for me when he drives home on monday. so tomorrow I will be baking a cake and some bread to be sent along with a big box of local veggies to someone who really needs it.

we might also buy a raised garden kit so we can put in some veggies for autumn!

if you're interested, here are two great podcasts I listened to this week:
  • tit for tat - the story of sandra wilson - a fascinating look into the complex life of one of nsw's longest serving female prisoners. sandra was 20 when she shot and murdered a stranger.
  • harper high - part two - this two part series was devastatingly good but also heartbreaking. this american life sent three reporters into a chicago high school which had been troubled by gang violence. the series starts here.
p.s - do you like my new plate? I bought a polka dotted dinner set last weekend for $2 a piece!


  1. LOVE the new plate. Love what's on it too. :)
    One day, I would love to buy a raised garden kit too... make sure you post about it if/when you do!
    Ronnie xo

    1. thanks ronnie :) anything with polka dots makes me happy! we did some research into the raised garden beds and have decided to go with large pots instead, after checking out the garden bed and consulting a few gardening books. the raised garden beds don't tend to have bases, which makes them tricky to move and a bit messy! plus we're renting so we'd like something that we can fairly easily take with us. hope this helps!