Thursday, January 31, 2013

cushions, chocolate cake & the not-too-distant future. this year I've been starting and finishing projects at home. maybe all the cooking has taught me a bit of  patience. I am pretty proud of this cushion I made for a friend who is leaving town tomorrow. I bought a copy of find & keep just before we went away and am only just having a go at some of the projects. I made a bigger pillow with a bigger and brighter pom pom for us to keep. tony thinks it's the best pillow he's ever seen!

at home we've been quietly thinking and talking about some big-ish plans for the next few years, nibbling our way through a chocolate cake and admiring these flowers from friends. I am listening to this song endlessly, which you can download for free (!)


  1. YES!!! The cushion is awesome! Love the pom pom! *s*

  2. thank you! I love how little the pom pom is - it took so little time in comparison to the mammoth green one :)