Saturday, June 8, 2013

a saturday drive. yesterday we drove to the bago state forest, to visit the sugar pine walk which is somewhere between batlow and tumbarumba and about 2 hours from wagga. the original plan was to spend some of the long weekend in country victoria, only we were a bit too disorganised (and a little bit cheap!) to make the trip.

it didn't matter because this drive was awesome. I'd heard lots of really good things about the sugar pine walk but when we arrived I was surprised by how quiet and eerie it was. we were the only ones there and the trees were scary in a sublime way.

the trees were so tall and structured that they seemed to dull most of the sounds around us, and the pine needles on the ground dampened sounds even more. we heard the occasional bird, a tiny bit of wind and our own muffled footsteps.

there's a neatly planned corridor that runs down the middle of the forest, and you'd walk around tree stumps that had been cleared to make the walk. the corridor is short and leads to a few other paths. it seemed simple enough but we lost the corridor a few times when we went for a short wander. tony had insisted on bringing our provisions on the walk, which included a box of nuts, some cinnamon slice, two apples and a giant bottle of water. turns out we didn't need them because the walk wasn't that long.

tony was very patient while I took photo after photo. he also took a few of me because my photo collection looks like the adventures of tony.

we ate cake for lunch at the cutest cafe in tumbarumba, found a few second hand books and drove home as the sun went down. it was a very lovely saturday.

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