Wednesday, June 19, 2013

meeting matilda. today, a midweek day off to make up for working over the weekend. tony's marking uni assignments at the moment and was able to work from home which meant we could share a few meals. it is suddenly freezing in wagga wagga, the morning fogs seem thicker and tends to drag into the day but we're better prepared for the cold, this being our third year in town.

in the afternoon, I visited my friend janine, who I haven't seen since the end of last year. which is shameful considering she's a 2 minute drive from my house. she has a brand new puppy called matilda, and we caught up while matilda jumped around us, peed on a cushion, and fell asleep on janine's lap and then mine. apparently when she drinks from her doggy bowl, her little ears get wet. so sweet!

my first ever book of poetry arrived just in time for my day off, so I had a lovely afternoon snacking on biscuits and reading. I made these lemon meringue biscuits last night and highly recommend them, they're super straightforward to make and light and airy. back to work tomorrow!


  1. Ha! That's my friend Lachlan's book!

    1. It's really good. We went to his reading at the library a month or so ago :)