Saturday, June 29, 2013

everyday giving

something really nice has started happening in my office, a small exchange of gifts has started up, with most presents being given for no reason at all.

last week I found a party bag on my desk, filled with homemade butter cookies and a fat slice of butter cake with bright red icing. my friend had carried it home from melbourne, it was a souvenir from her niece's 5th birthday party.

she's a fellow sweet tooth, so I love to leave cookies or slices of cake on her desk when I bake.

we're a small team, and it was a big change for me to come from a 800+ person office in sydney to an office with around 9 people. but in lots of ways it is really nice. in a small space, it's impossible not to know what's going on in each others lives, big or little.

we know if someone's been too busy to eat lunch, and sandwiches are bought. when I went into work after finding out that my aunt helen had died, I just had to look at one of my friends and she knew right away what had happened.

in the last few months, there's been a whole cake made for one of the girls who has received some sad news about a sick family member, a bunch of homegrown parsley for a colleague recovering from a cold, a bunch of flowers to bring some brightness to a tough week, and cookies, lots of cookies changing hands.

this week I was inspired by this blog to pack a dinner for one of the new girls in the office. she's been with us for a couple of months now and the job is her first full time gig. she moved from another town to take it.

talking to her about her move and settling in, I was reminded of a few things like how my first job coincided with moving home a few times, which made it an exciting but also a confusing time. I was also reminded of all of the little things people did for tony and I when we moved here to make us feel welcome and included.

I packed her a  box of risotto and a tub of my favourite chocolate mousse from the deli in town and was so excited to give it to her.

and now to choose what to bake tomorrow. I'm tempted to make this choc chip bundt cake, a marble cake or a chocolate coconut slice.

one week until I take a little holiday! have a good weekend.

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