Tuesday, June 11, 2013

when the internet makes you happy, and then sad. I fell in love with this yay cake the other week, I looked at it multiple times the day I found it and was determined to try it. I bought a huge chunk of peppermint flavoured black fondant and some letter cutters from the special cake decorating store in town. I hoped to make the yay cake for a friend but wondered about whether every slice would have a yay on it and how you would know where to cut.

so I made a practice cake mix cake. here are my yays cut out.

and here's what it looked like on the inside. like a total failure.

it was funny in a way and I'm not completely deterred. I'll have another go, maybe I'll cut the letter thicker this time, make a lighter cake like a sponge and double check that the icing won't melt.

anyway there are plenty of things on the internet that still make me happy. like:


  1. You have, without a doubt, the cutest blog name I have eve seen. Now I would love to see what Totoro cupcakes would look like, I would love a Mei one myself :)

    1. aw thanks Irela! they have all kinds of totoro cakes in japan and I didn't buy any!!!! lifetime regret.