Tuesday, June 4, 2013

hello from winter! I walked to work today through a freezing cold fog and by the time I arrived at the office my ears and fingers were burning. it was surprisingly fun and the weather did a good job of waking me up.

I had a sunday/monday weekend and yesterday I made my very first sourdough and it was a total triumph! it smelt very different to any other bread I've made before and it was really easy to make.

tony came home for a tangy tomato soup lunch and I spent the afternoon doing the shopping, baking a pear loaf, wrapping birthday presents and watching iview.

and then it was time for a surprise present delivery. I packed up some cake and this present and showed up on my friend's doorstop. her birthday isn't until friday but she usually takes the day off and I wanted to catch her before she disappeared on a mini holiday. she sent me home with quinces after a nice chat by the fire. I remain totally obsessed with cheryl strayed and bought her a copy of wild. 

it's not long til the long weekend but before then, I'm looking forward to editing some videos at work. it's been too long.

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