Tuesday, October 30, 2012

alone time. in the eighteen plus months since we've lived in wagga, I've never spent a night here on my own. tony's spent many, less than a month after we moved here I was sent to canberra for a week for work and then lismore for another. there have been emergency trips back home that I've made on my own and a handful of overnight stays in little towns.

tomorrow tony leaves for a week in sydney to do some interesting research for his phd. it's a portrait based exercise where he'll be drawing the same person from life for a few weeks in a row. he's been reading a lot and drawing a lot lately and I think his latest drawings are looking pretty amazing.

so this week I'll probably wrap my christmas presents (best activity ever), exercise a lot, read plenty, set up my sewing machine in the dining room, sleep diagonally and watch a few movies during the week!

I am a little bit scared that I'll get lonely, get freaked out by all of the little noises around my house and cook too much food. I've never mastered how to cook for two, let alone one.

tony's promised to come home with a box of rainbow macaroons - yipee!

I'm also planning a bit of salad experimentation. I spent the day in albury yesterday and had lunch at this super cute cafe where they had a plate of three very delicious and different salads and a slice of bread. so yummy. my oven's also broken (!) hence the switch to cold food.


  1. Boo poor yoU! Though sleeping diagonally is the best! Im so sorry ive been so busy we should have gate crashed your quiet time! Also I am crap at cooking for small numbers of people!

    1. aww thanks lovely! I ended up working 7 out of the 8 days he was away - so it was mainly the nights that were quiet. he comes home tomorrow yay! hope all is well with you x