Sunday, October 7, 2012

international cakes. on saturday night we walked for an hour and a half, for some of the time in the rain, in search of dinner. we were hungry for pasta and instead of staying at the warm little cafe where we’d stopped off for hot chocolate and beer, we thought we could find somewhere better. it was a slight disaster, first we walked in the wrong direction of an italian place we were looking for and when we finally got there, it was very shut. but before this, we walked by a street side diner with an enticing blue sign that read international cakes. we came back later that night after we’d dried off and found ourselves some pasta. the cakes were more appealing from further away. up close they were strangely oversized (they sold chocolate rum balls that were the size of tennis balls!) and the cream was the bright white fake kind. still we stopped and had tea and two little chocolate dipped shortbreads. at least the photos look nice!

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