Sunday, October 14, 2012

last stop leeton. we’ve spent the last four consecutive weekends away from home, on little trips that were a combination of work and fun. last night, we headed to leeton in the afternoon to support our new friends the ronalds who had an exhibition opening at the roxy theatre.

I loved the show, I’d read bits about it and had had parts of it explained to me but it wasn’t until I was in the space that I understood it and could play with it. the ronalds are photographers and the show was partly filled with photo sculptures, incredibly life-like looking objects that were in fact made entirely from photos. the buttered toast was my favourite and best of all, I could make it glow by using an app they’d made specially for the exhibition. so cool! the show’s open for another few weeks and you can make objects in the exhibition glow remotely, by joining in online.
and now we’re home. poor tony had a severe bout of hayfever during the night, which meant neither of us slept very well. I felt really sorry for him, he woke me up in the early hours of the morning in a very sniffley state and asked whether we could play a game so he could pass the time. unsurprisingly I said no.
tonight I’m making carmelised chicken with green tea soba noodles for tea and am hoping to fit in another woody allen movie. we watched shadows and fog the other night and will probably watch sleeper tonight! I’m excited to see his new flick, though it doesn’t screen in wagga for another month.
p.s - here’s a nerdy article about woody allen’s choice in typography.

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