Friday, October 19, 2012

this afternoon after work, I wrapped up some small things to send to my friend in bega. we frequently swap favourite things on and offline. sometimes they’re stories, funny websites or inspiring podcasts. most recently she sent me a copy of the red balloon, which I’d never seen before. it was lovely, I was struck by the french streets, the little boy’s grey outfit and the stark distinction between the children and adults.

this week I’ve been trying to consume good things only. I was really disappointed by a few articles I saw in the newspaper over the weekend and am trying to spend my reading time on nourishing things. since then I’ve read an inspiring post about how to keep a happy wardrobe, read about the making of mitt romney, and a very amazing blog post about a japanese cookie decorator.

thankfully I’ve recovered from my cold, which makes me feel like everyday is a holiday! this weekend I’m planning to make homemade pizza and a banana cake with caramel icing for a dinner party. I’ve been aging some bananas for over a week just for the occasion, which tony has been very respectful of.

have a happy weekend!

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